Top ten iBeacon uses

Don’t understand the jargon? Here are ten iBeacon example uses

1. Supermarkets: Need to shift end of season stock or overstock? Plant an iBeacon in that aisle with rich push discount offers to app users.

2.Pub trade: Plant iBeacons in each bar allowing notification of deals on food or drink. Deals can vary in each bar depending on local demographics and events

3. Retail: Plant iBeacons in different departments of a large store messaging discounts on say a lipstick brand, free cosmetic gifts for large purchases, 3 for 2 offers or top floor cafe voucher

4. Exhibitions: Plant an iBeacon on your stand informing app users of free gift to encourage people to find you

5. Music festival: iBeacons have endless uses; organisers can perch on each stage area to inform who’s playing, friendly reminders. Food stalls and bars can encourage punters their way with flash offers

6. Stadium concerts: iBeacons can help advise fans what or whom is playing, any merchandising deals for app users, traffic info.

7. Theatre: Put on the door to theatre reminding all to buy a programme and of any changes to line-up and offers for future shows

8. Caravan park: Welcome message for campers and caravanners reminding them of facilities and site rules, come again discounts etc

9. Sports events: iBeacon the stadium to let all know who’s in the team line up, mascots, merchandising, local deals for pubs, link to train times, league positions

10. Cinemas: iBeacon an entrance with snack discounts then a reminder to ‘now turn your phone off’

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