iBeacons_TOP_2 iBeacons are the newest kids on the block in terms of mobile marketing and everyone in the industry is pretty excited about the possibilities. iBeacons allow apps to be truly micro-location aware, which means you can deliver personalised offers, loyalty, advertising and payment options to very specific zones around the beacon.

There are currently nine manufacturers of the iBeacons themselves and in truth there is not alot to choose between them. One major consideration is the battery life (worth paying extra for) and the flexibility to connect with other programmes now and in the future (APIs). iBeacons are easy enough to purchase and plant in a chosen location needing a marketing boost, but here at Moball we’ve realised the real focus needs to be on the content, logistics, software and management elements involved with using them at scale. Without these elements finely managed, an iBeacon is simply a lump of plastic; with them it’s a hugely powerful salesperson.

Moball’s integrated with Estimote iBeacons and our Moball platform includes a complete ‘Out of the Box’  Beacon Management System (BMS) for the smallest to the largest organisations. The more we work with iBeacons, the more it becomes clear that the biggest hurdle is often organisational. A widely deployed iBeacon solution for a national or international client could potentially involve hundreds or thousands of iBeacons.  So, here at Moball, we’ve come at this from a really practical standpoint to enable our large scale white label partners to roll out profitable opportunities, without the headaches.

Moball’s value comes in the fact that it’s a complete mobile Content Management System (CMS) solution, that includes  geofencing,  loyalty, rich push messaging, analytics, app build, User Generated Content (UGC) and user management. We’ve made sure that the iBeacons play nicely with all the other tools you will need to use in order to create a success from your investment.

We lease the iBeacons you require and handle all the delivery and configuration. For example, if you need to get 1000 beacons to 1000 locations, we can send them direct to each location and have them linked up to your Moball account, ready to go. We also  monitor the performance remotely and replace devices as required. This approach also makes sense for partners requiring them for just short periods of time, like trade show or festival organizers say.

Moball’s iBeacon service allows our agency partners to focus on their core activities, while it provides their clients the management platform and network roll out. Because Moball can be ‘white labeled’, this means you can offer a large client a high volume, sophisticated solution without fear of delivery, all under your brand.

If you’d like a chat about any aspect of a client request, technology, limitations or creative ideas you’ve had, then feel free to call our iBeacon team. We work in strict confidence (NDA) with all our of partners and would be happy to contribute to even early stage ideas and plans. You can also request a free demo to see the iBeacon management platform for yourself.

Call Lucy on +44 845 0176 386 or email lucy.carpenter@warblerdigital.com or use the live chat feature below