Geo Fence

What is a Geo Fence?
Geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. Here’s what that actually means in practice, with a couple of real world examples.

A geo-fence in Moball can be created very simply. You select the centre of your geo-fence by clicking a map location. This might be a shop, tourist attraction or stadium for example. Then you select the radius around your central point on the map in metres. Finally you create a message that will appear when a mobile phone user with your app walks through the virtual perimeter.


Because modern Smartphone’s have GPS functionality in the device, the Moball system knows where your users are at any given time. If a users location ‘breaks through’ the geo fence perimeter, then the Moball system knows to send them a specific message from you or a sponsor about their current location.

Business Use
Geo Fences create enormous opportunities for all sorts of businesses, provided they are used carefully and accurately. For example, if you walked past a bar on your way to work at 8.30am, that’s not a great time to be offered a 2 for 1 cocktail (although it may depend on how bad your commute was!)

Moball lets you create a Geo Fence for an advertiser between 7-9pm on a Friday and Saturday night for example when the message is likely to be much more effective at driving customers to the bar.

The Moball system also lets you schedule Geo Fences in advance so they can be pre sold to maximise revenue. For example, if you know that the local football team is playing at home in 2 weeks time you can schedule a Geo Fence around the stadium to send fans a message when they enter the stadium between 13:00hrs and 14:00 hours. This might include a team list or details of a user-generated photo competition to win a prize.

You can then set a Geo Fence to send a message to fans as they walk out of the stadium at the end of the game with an offer from the club shop or a voucher for a local restaurant. Well-planned Geo Fence adverts are extremely effective and Moball gives you all the features you need to achieve your goals.


Tourism Example
Geo Fence technology is particularly useful to tourism organisations looking to enhance a visitor’s experience of the local area and attractions.

To apply this to a real world example; imagine one of your app users had just arrived for a weekend in Washington. You could quickly and easily add a Geo Fence around each major landmark and attraction that included a video message when your app users are within 50 square metres.

The Moball message could deliver a video explaining the history, background and points of interest to enhance their experience and understanding of each location. It could even ask them to send you their photos and videos for a chance to win a prize, thereby delivering valuable new content and traffic for your website.

With our Geo Fence feature, the Moball message you deliver is targeted, relevant and useful for your app users wherever they are.

Moball messages are also trackable so you can see how effective the message has been on any given day and the value you have delivered to your advertisers or your own organisation stadium between 13:00hrs and 14:00 hours. This might include a team list or details of a user-generated photo competition to win a prize.

To find out more about Moball Geo Fences and how it might help your business, give our support team a call or have a play with the free demo.
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