Key Features of a Moball App

Use Moball's app structure for a new app, or partner with your own developer or agency and add the Moball plugin.

Your new app is synced to your content to make sure it’s always up to date and useful for your users

You can now use the simple CMS to edit content, create & send messages and moderate user generated content.

When the app is approved- we publish it for you and provide 1-2 -1 training to make sure you get the most from Moball.

Connect the services you love

We know our clients have a lot going on. That's why when we build you a Moball app we make sure it links up to your existing content so it stays up to date without creating extra work.

Drag & drop simplicity

Mobile Marketing is a really personal space. If you are going to get personal, the messages that you send need to be engaging, relevant and valuable. The Moball editor helps you add video, donation buttons, vouchers, maps, images and more.

Click here to see how easy it is to create a Moball Message


Sophisticated Delivery

Once you’ve created the perfect Moball message, you now have 2 options to deliver it to your app users…

1. Send or schedule your message to be sent to all users, or users who are currently in a specific location. i.e. Manhattan.


2. Create a Geo Fence in just 4 clicks to deliver an automated Moball message when your app users arrive or leave a specific location.

A Geo fence is perfect for location based event marketing & user generated content requests.

Linking your Moball App with real world locations (e.g. Stadiums/Tourist Attractions/Transport Hubs) drives engagement, content and revenue opportunities.

See how easy it is. Click here to create a Geo fence


User Generated Content Solution

We get how important user generated content is to a lot of our clients and Moball makes it easy….

Your app users can respond to a request for content by submitting content direct from your app to Moball Moderation.

Here you can approve or reject content quickly and easily.
Once approved, the new content is automatically added to your digital channels like YouTube. The Moball system can also send an automated thank you message with perhaps a video, sponsor message or voucher included. Click to see Moball Moderation


Unlimited Support Forever

We know from personal experience how important personal support is for a product like Moball. This is our single biggest focus and we invest continually to make sure we are helping you at every step of the way.

We offer free 1-2-1 training to get you started and then unlimited support forever from a dedicated account manager by phone, email and live chat.

Contact us today for a chat about your ideas and how we may be able to help:
Europe (London): +44 (0) 845 0176 386
North America (Chicago): 312 470 2254
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